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Ready to help defund the prison industrial complex, exploitative prison labor, and immigration detention centers? Prison Free Funds can help you find out if your money is invested in these economic systems of oppression and exploitation.

For-profit firms have flooded money into prison and detention center infrastructure and services, and have used industry associations to lobby for harsher policing and longer sentencing, even for non-violent offenders. Mass incarceration is one manifestation of racist policy, particularly devastating for poor communities, immigrants, people of color, and their families. Inmates work for pennies per hour while their families pay exorbitant fees to keep them supplied with bare necessities. Powerful, private equity interests and corporations reap enormous profits from the militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border and the policing of immigration.

By using this free online tool and the accompanying prison industrial complex-free action toolkit, you will be able to harness your economic power to shift your hard-earned savings away from these systems and support the movement for true equality and liberation for all people.

How to make your investments align with your values
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Search for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by name, ticker, or asset manager. Our database covers 3,000 stock funds available in the U.S.
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See your results. For each fund, we track investments in a range of companies involved in the prison industrial complex, as well as other environmental and social risks.
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Look for aligned options. Sort and compare to find funds that fit your investing needs.

The prison and border industries

On Prison Free Funds, we focus on two aspects of the prison industrial complex: companies involved in the prison industry (such as private for-profit prison operators and prison services providers), and companies involved in the militarization of borders and the policing of immigration.

Major asset managers have billions invested in the prison industrial complex
Are your savings invested with one of these financial giants? Click through and find out how much they have invested in the prison and border industries.